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rental in N. Dallas TX!

does anyone know someone in the N. Dallas area that needs a terrific Rental home?
Available Dec 1!!

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post whatever

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Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, an opinion on me, a fear, a love... anything.  
Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like.
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We've been in our current house for over 7 years. This whole time we've had temporary or 'place holder' window coverings. by placeholder i mean, cheapo sheers i got at the flea market and spring loaded pressure bars inside the windows. just enough to keep people from seeing inside too much. well a few months ago we finally ordered drapes for the formal dining room/living room and den. i think they look fantastic, currently the bottoms are tied for the first 3 days so the pleats will set.

i'm so happy to have finished looking home just in time for guests for the holidays. next project, replace the lighting fixtures!

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      Fw: Drapes 

Fw: Drapes
  Fw: Drapes     




blog action day 2009

I'm not big on spreading info about environmental or political concerns since i believe most people don't want to read about my political leanings. but environmental issues are not always political and i feel that as a citizen i should try to be educated on what's going on in my region. not too long ago there was a big to do about BP (the petroleum company) asking for permits to dump MORE pollutants into lake michigan. yes they already dump pollutants into the lake from Indiana but they wanted to be allowed more dumping.

I thought this was appalling as lake michigan is a source of drinking water for millions of people in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan including the people in my community.  I joined a boycott of BP to make a statement. I still make a point not to use BP gas as they are still polluting our drinking water.


Because of this particular issue, i've tried to keep abreast of local issues as well as do some small things in my household to cut down on pollution. I recycle nearly 75% of what i used to throw away, i use re-usable shopping bags when we go grocery shopping and i've cut down on my commuting by working from home (ok that's a nice after effect of me being lazy, but still nice).

Even the small things add up if we can get our neighbors, family and friends to participate in reduction of pollution.
For more information find the local environmental action group in your state or other sites...see below.



dreams and thunderstorms

it must've stormed pretty  hard this morning because i was having a dream about it being stormy and pouring through the ceilng.
then i woke up and it was storming but NOT pouring through the ceiling.

odd dream:
everyone was dressed like the 50s, fedoras, big dresses.
i was at work and Tom Hanks shows up in a fedora and we go out on a date
we're back at his giant house which sits in the middle of a football field
his brother and nephew come over and are all huffy about me being there
his brother looks like an actor who i can't remember but has gray hair and a GIANT moustache and is in westerns.
they want to have pie and i don't have any cuz i feel out of place
they want to leave but i'im like, 'i'm raining so hard you can't see any air!'
but they crawl out the window anyway and jump on their horses. (huh?)

at some point i wake up and wonder why it's so loud.
it's the storm outside.

i haven't had many weird dreams like that lately.